Our Partners

And Funding Opportunities

Golden Valley Community Foundation Logo
The Golden Valley Community Foundation

With a grant from Golden Valley Community Foundation, Rose McGee expanded the Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ project.

Calvary Luthern Church Logo
Calvary Lutheran Church

Pies made for most Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ responses are done in the certified kitchen of Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley.

Bush Foundation Logo
Bush Foundation

For two years Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ has been selected as a program partner with Bush Foundation’s Bush Connect. Participants from Minnesota, North and South Dakota experience the Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ Approach and are provided resources to assist in replicating the process in their own communities. The story circle process of engagement and sharing stories about who they want to recognize with a beautiful Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™.

Minnesota Humanities Center
Minnesota Humanities Center

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded MHC (Minnesota Humanities Center) a grant to facilitate and host conversations around race and healing after the killings of Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, the shootings in Dallas, Orlando, and Baton Rouge – all within months of each other. Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ was selected to work in partnership with MHC by using the Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ Approach – story circle dialogues and the baking of sweet potato pies.

Bush Foundation Logo
Lunds & byerlys golden valley

Lunds & Byerly’s Golden Valley Location has partnered with Sweet Potato Comfort Pie from its earliest days, providing ingredients for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. gathering, and other special events.

Minnesota Humanities Center
Breck School

Breck is hosting and providing extensive support for the 2021 annual Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday of Service.