Responding to the call - keeping our eyes on the pies!

Ferguson, Missouri

AUGUST 9, 2014 ... another bloody hot day. There I sat in the comfort of my air- conditioned home watching media coverage of another Black mother’s son lying lifeless on a scorching asphalt street ... this time in Ferguson, Missouri. Like others prior, the news of Michael Brown’s death tore at my heart as I thought, that could have been my son. I ached for the unknown mother who would never again hear a response to her call, “Come on inside baby, it’s time to eat!”

And so I wept.

Escalating hotter than the weather was the tremendous tension of the protests. As I viewed eyes filled with anger and fear flash across my television screen, I asked myself, what can I do? There came a soft yet clear response (I believe from God): “Go into your kitchen, make some sweet potato pies, pack your car, and deliver them down to Ferguson.” And so I did.

On Friday, August 29, 2014, at the crack of dawn, my son Adam and I hit the road with thirty freshly-baked sweet potato pies in the trunk of my car. My pastor daughter, Roslyn, created a poem to accompany each pie. (See page 4.) Upon arrival, first, I asked permission of each person as I offered them
a gift of a pie and soon discovered that each one had something to share about how the pie had come at just the right time. And so I listened.


Sacred Dessert…

“Sweet potato pie is the ‘sacred dessert’ of Black people, and it has power. Not only does it give us energy, this pie links us to history, it soothes our spirits and renews us for the much- needed work.”

~ Rose McGee, FOUNDER



Our play-on-words “Keep your Eyes on the Pies” acknowledges a major anthem of the Civil Rights Movement, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. Still relevant today, its powerful lyrics are about transcending oppression and moving forward despite all struggles and obstacles. Based on a traditional Black folk song, Gospel Plow,. Click the image below to hear an amazing acappella performance of Keep Your Eyes on the Prize by Sweet Honey in the Rock (Clicking image will take you to a Youtube site).