1) Hosting an Event:

  • Sweet Potato Comfort Pie gatherings are intentional gatherings around an important occasion or community issue. Participants join in circle, to share pie and share stories that build awareness, empathy, and connection. (Thoughtful and relevant story prompts are invaluable.) As part of the story circle experience, participants decide among themselves who to “gift” with the Sweet Potato Comfort Pies baked earlier by community members. The book, Story Circle Stories, by Rose McGee and Ann Fosco, features prompts and guidelines for facilitating such gatherings.

2) Responding to Community Hardship:

  • Beforehand, always check in with the community. Find key stakeholders to request permission to bring in the pies and to be informed of sensitive issues.

  • When presenting Sweet Potato Comfort Pie to individuals, groups or organizations, always approach first by asking permission to give a pie. Rose McGee’s suggested Script for Offering a Sweet Potato Comfort Pie follows.

Sharing Sweet Potato Comfort Pies

Two ways to share -or- “gift” the pies:

There are two ways that we share comfort pies:

1) At community events where participants themselves decide where, or to whom, to offer the pies, or:

2) In response to community hardship or crisis. In both scenarios, the pies are offered for healing, comfort, gratitude and solidarity. It is an honor to recognize service and accomplishments that often go un-noticed and to celebrate those who work toward a just and peaceful world.